What are the waterproofing of circular connector?

by:APTEK     2020-04-07
< p > we can know from the name of circular connector is present a cylindrical in shape, and also present circular plug surface, when it is in the device context, waterproof function is very important. < / p > < p > if you use the relatively cold, damp environment, so the connector socket is very easy to not work properly because of the bad environment. < / p > < p > you know? Circular connector can be divided into different levels of hierarchy, the general level of it is to pass through the IP code to distinguish, such as IPX, X represents the level, if the X value, the greater the waterproof suggests that the higher the grade, can be divided into different grade 0 to 8. < / p > < / p > < p > specific look at: < / p > < p > when x = 0 The water without any maintenance, so to speak. , < / p > < p > when x = 1 To avoid water entering. < / p > < p > when x = 2 - When the connector is 16 degrees tilt Angle, water will enter, but the basic are not affected. < / p > < p > when x = 3, when the coupling Angle is 65 degrees, circular connector by water injection to, equipment basic does not affect the use. < / p > < p > when x = 4 - all liquid onto the round connector chassis has nothing to do. < / p > < p > when x = 5 - Tap water cleaning prototype connector, use of equipment without damage. < / p > < p > when x = 6 - to be able to resist stronger water. < / p > < p > when x = 7 - can be a short period of time in the water. < / p > < p > when x = 8 - adapt to the soaking, avoid water into the connector. < / p > < p > that's circular connector waterproof eight level, you can choose according to the actual use of occasions waterproof level. < / p >
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