What is Outlook Address Book and How are WAB Files

by:APTEK     2020-06-16
Many of you must have wished that you had a personal diary or something similar in your computer to save important contacts, email, mobile numbers, etc. Well Outlook Address Book does exactly the same. It enables the user maintain and organize even the minutest details about your contacts perfectly. You can use it to select and look for distribution list, names, etc. Whenever the user type a name in To, Bcc or Cc box, MS Outlook automatically verifies the typed name and search for the similar in it, if the match is found the display name, email address is automatically filled, thereby enabling you to send a message. If the input doesn't match with its details, you need to provide more information to the Check Names dialog box or the user can create contact by clicking New Contact. Besides, you can search names, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, office locations by typing the name in Find a contact box available at Standard Tool Bar. Contacts are stored as WAB file (Windows Address Book). It Contains: Global Address List Global Address List contains the e-mail addresses and names of everyone in your company. It requires a Microsoft Exchange account, which is maintained by the Exchange Server Administrator. It might also contain public folder e-mail list, distribution list, etc. When the user chooses an entry from 'All Address Lists' on 'Show names from the list', the Global Address List is displayed. To use it offline, you need to download it. Note: If you are using MS Outllok 2003 with Cached Exchange Mode, Offline Address Book is downloaded automatically and is updated every 24 hours. Personal Address Book Personal Address Book or PAB contains distribution list and names that is created and maintained by the user. Its entries are safely stored in a file and can be easily copied to a disk. Outlook Address Book / Contacts OAB or the Outlook Address Book is automatically created and contains all the contacts that are entered either in Fax boxes or E-mail. If the user is having a Personal Adress Book, it is advised that he/she should convert all the PAB to Outlook Contacts as it enables the user to customize the contacts, which is missing in PAB. You can easily input several phone numbers, associate birthdays, anniversaries and other information with your contacts. Besides, OAB is also available offline. Internet directory services Internet directory services act as a White Pages of the Internet, it enables the user to locate the e-mail addresses that are not in Global or Local Address Book. It requires an Internet connection. Third-party Various address books can be added by making use of third-party providers, Microsoft Outlook displays it in Additional Address Book Types list. Just like any other computer file, WAB or Windows Address Book file of MS Outlook and Exchange can easily becomes corrupt. In that situation user looses all-important contacts and other related information.
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