What To Know When Looking For AdvancedMC Boards

by:APTEK     2020-06-17
The computer user considers performance of his machine above all else. An AdvancedMC produces great performance and high data transfer that is hard to match. This term refers to printed circuit boards named Advanced Mezzanine Cards. The specifications of this single computer board are designed by AMC. It works on any carrier card and plugs directly into a backplane with MicroTCA technology. This computer module supports transport in things such as PCI and Ethernet cards. They can be adapted to many devices and integrated easily. These products are established as a standard in computing power. The modules are hot swappable and can be changed without powering down your PC. There are several types of the AdvancedMC module. The biggest card is the most powerful. Midsized and compact modules are also available. They are not as common as the full sized unit is. The double width card allows for extra space, but there is no improvement in bandwidth power. The double width module is 149 mm wide while the single width module is only 74 mm wide. The pin connector is complex and comes in different lengths. Hot swapping is achieved with this process. The number of pins combined with height variations gives you four connector types. These intelligent processors help with network security. They incorporate computer applications and graphic vector processing tasks. The Modules meet the requirements of high-grade computer equipment. They follow the specifications of the PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group, known as PICMG. There are over 240 companies in the world that make up this group. The purpose of these OEM companies is to supply equipment to vendors. Their main concerns are availability and minimal cost to limit the time their products spend on the market. AdvancedMC provides off load performance and increased DPI functionality with standard processing AMC single computer boards. This will permit platform designers to use DPI to install real time content filtering in applications like antivirus and anti-spam programs. It also filters routing and IP devices. So when looking for AdvancedMC boards, consider the many features this module will bring to your PC.
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