Wireless Industrial Deadman Series Trigger Switch Controls

by:APTEK     2020-06-13
Wireless industrial Deadman series Trigger Switch radio remote controls are developed specifically for all types of industrial applications that require positive operator-to-machine contact. This wireless trigger switch is generally used to send radio frequency commands to the pump. Operator is unencumbered by cables and wires normally used in 'deadman' fueling operations. The 'deadman' fuelling wireless remote system also incorporates a secure frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology that allows interference free operation of the radio system. During the any kind of signal interference the FHSS system shuts down the whole machine without allowing any further disturbance. By preventing any electrical or radio interference it also prevents any unwanted damage of the system. The rechargeable transmitter included in it can deliver 30hrs of continuous use between charges. 12/24VDC charger is supplied with the radio remote system. Wireless Industrial Deadman Series Trigger Switch Controls includes the following modifications: Safety Timer software available to limit switch closure duration prior to automatic shut-off This feature requires periodic trigger pulse by operator to maintain receiver 'on' condition Up to eleven other command functions available per customer requirements Modular quick-connect components allow for easy installation and field service Pre-wired solenoids are available for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Hose Reel control interface It also includes the following features: The Hose Reel option of this system allows the wireless remote Unwind and Rewind control that greatly reduces all the efforts which is required to pull the hose off the reel. As a result all types of potential injury are reduced totally and at the same time the productivity is also increased a lot. This system is also easy to install and prewired hose reel motor solenoids and 70Amp breaker are also available with this option. The system is designed in such a ways so that it can prevent the Unwind and Rewind circuits from energized at the same time. The PTO or Pump option extends the pump life and at the same time increases the safety of the operator by allowing them to engage and disengage the PTO and PUMP from hose end at customer's storage tank. The hose will not be charged unless it is not connected to the customer's tank. The operator can use electric, pneumatic, 'hot shift' or 'clutch shift' PTO connection. The wireless remote PTO Delay option can automatically opens tank internal valve 5 seconds prior to engaging PTO allowing pump and product lines to equalize pressure. This feature also prevents an excess flow 'slug' situation which when happens, starves the pump of product, and may lead to pump failure. The system also has an engine RPM or Throttle feature that allows the operator to increase or decrease the truck engine RPM and all the other corresponding pump volume from the customer's pump speed until the tank is nearly full. The safety connections are available any types of electronic or mechanical engine control system. This system meets all the international regulatory requirements and is available for all types of pneumatic, cable operated or 'Flowmatic' type tank valves and all truck engines.
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