With Solenoid Valves Having Coupling Communication

by:APTEK     2020-06-12
This kind of solenoid valve assembly generally comprises plurality of solenoid valves including coupling communication holes to be mutually connected by coupling, a port block including integrated air-supply/discharge ports, a connector block including an integrated power-supply electrical connector, and an end block to be disposed as necessary, which are mounted on a rail in array. The aforementioned conventional solenoid valve assembly has problems in that work is troublesome since a great number of screws must be handled, and the entire coupled state and air tightness of coupling communication holes are easily influenced due to the fastened state of the one tie rod or the fixed state of the end blocks, and accordingly, a simpler and more reliable technique for coupling has been in demand. In particular, with solenoid valves having coupling communication holes to be mutually connected by coupling, the adjacent solenoid valves need to be securely coupled so as not to allow deterioration in air tightness of the coupling communication holes. Wherein the safety member is disposed at a position adjacent to the binding member, the safety member occupies a position for locking the manual buttons in an inoperative state when the binding member is positioned at the separating position, and the binding member disengages from the manual buttons so as to be moved to a position for releasing the locked state when the binding member is positioned at the binding position. Coupling communication holes of the main valve unit each comprise a connection tube protruding to one coupling face side of the main valve unit; and a circular seal member applied within the coupling communication holes on the other coupling face side; wherein the coupling communication holes are connected in an airtight state by the connection tube and seal member of the adjacent solenoid valves are fitted each other when the multiple solenoid valves are coupled. Preferably in this case, steps having a different height in the valve-width direction are formed on the face with which the end wall portion and the bottom block are mutually in contact, and the bottom block is positioned in the valve-width direction due to contact of these steps. The bottom block is made up of a synthetic resin, and the connection tube for connecting the coupling communication hole is integrally formed, thereby preventing this connection tube from coming out of the coupling communication hole, and also improving workability at the time of assembling and disassembling a solenoid valve assembly.
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