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by:APTEK     2020-09-07
MG Electrica has been started in 2006 by Mr. Mukesh Gupta in Nasik [Maharashtra]. Mr. Gupta is an engineering graduate and holds masters in management from renowned institute in India. His experience of 18 years in electrical field having technical knowledge, exceptional sales expertise and comprehensive understanding has been the constant source of inspiration for MG Electrica. M G Electrica is among the leading manufacturers and exports quality manufacturers in India. The company is ISO 9001:008, ISO14001:2004, OSHAS 18001:2007 certified. The company have the state of art modern manufacturing plant equipped with hitech machines, well equipped quality lab to produce export quality copper lugs and cable connectors as per DIN 46234, IEC 61238 and other International Standard's. The above series of lugs are CE certified and also MECON approved. The products range includes: Aluminum Connectors MG Electrica's Aluminum Connectors meet the highest quality requirement and ISI standards. Use of High Quality Pure Conductive Aluminum of 60% IACS imparts high safety and good current rating properties. Aluminum Tubular Lugs. MG Electrica's Aluminum Cable Lugsmeet the highest quality requirement and meet ISI Standards. Use of High Quality Pure Conductive Aluminum of 60% IACS imparts high safety and current rating properties. Application Bimetallic Lugs The company is expert in manufacturing of Aluminum & Copper Bimetallic Lugs & Connectors. Bimetallic Lugs are mostly useful where an aluminum cable has to be terminated by a copper bus bar or copper contact. If Cable Lugs of only copper or aluminum are used , a galvanic action occurs due to dissimilar contact. The use of bimetallic lugs thus ensures a technically sound and durable joint. The Aluminum barrel is friction welded to the copper palm thereby achieving the best possible transition between barrel & palm. The range of Aluminum & Copper Bimetallic Lugs is having following advantages. Copper Connector's MG Connectors gives you a perfect joint as it is made of Electrolytic Grade Copper and annealed to give you a very good crimp ability. Description
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