Boe to Vote Together With Changhong to do 30 Million

by:APTEK     2020-09-06
Dominated by a flat panel display industry companies started to engage in set-top box market, with its main business at first glance seem to have little, BOE What What are the considerations involved in the field of set-top box? Tencent appliances this connection the BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Vice President Tommy. According to Yu introduced the high-definition digital interactive display by the BOE and Changhong machine is a joint venture co-founded the production company established earlier this year, BOE Investment holding 51% of 1500 million yuan, Changhong holding 49% of total investment 3,000 million. Tencent appliances connect the responsible person in Sichuan Changhong, Changhong Network Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Qiang, general manager of home appliances to Tencent confirmed true, adding that the joint venture is currently still in its infancy, yet the formation of large-scale production and sales. For more information on the joint venture, such as how the division of two companies, products, technology development, market planning and layout issues, both BOE and Changhong said that the current inconvenience. According to market research statistics, as of the end of 2010, China's cable HD set-top box shipments to reach 3.006 million units. This year, municipalities, provincial capitals and other coastal cities and economically developed cities, almost all high-definition interactive set-top boxes used to carry out the second full turn (overall transfer), and high-definition interactive set-top box through the promotion of new business, improve user ARPU. The end of 2011, China's cable HD set-top box shipments are expected to exceed 8.6 million units. Changhong Network Technology Co., Ltd. China Gao Weidong, deputy general manager of marketing that the current high-definition content across a substantial increase in floor, high-definition content bottleneck breakthrough, high-definition flat-panel TV prices fall, coupled with the promotion of triple play, everywhere, enhance two-way network transformation, high-definition set-top box will appear universal scale, 'high-definition set-top boxes in the last couple of years will certainly be a rapid development.' BOE is also wants a share from the market? Tencent appliances again asked the BOE vice president Zhang Yu, Yu said the BOE would not simply involved in the field, but in the whole industrial chain, an important part of the layout. Layout of the whole industrial chain to do smart TV set-top boxes laying the foundation for the BOE, formerly known as Beijing Orient Electronics Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in precision electronic components supporting CRT and TFT-LCD materials business and research projects, in January 2003 acquisition of Hyundai Electronics TFT-LCD business, entered the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) business. In 2005, the BOE from acquiring technical resources quickly in Beijing Yizhuang first self-built five-generation line, technology absorption and innovation as a learning platform and innovation base. Up to now, Chengdu BOE already has a 4.5-generation line, line of five generations of Beijing, Hefei and Beijing 6-generation line of four 8.5-generation line of TFT-LCD production lines, providing products and applications from mobile to laptop computers, monitors, TV needed 1.8 inches -55 inch LCD panels and modules. In the BOE's business operation, Tencent appliances learned from the inside, there are IT and BOE TFT-LCD TVs, mobile and application of TFT-LCD business, video business and the reality of the system with seven business units. BOE Video Technology Co., Ltd., according to the relevant person in charge of its video business and the reality of the main support system Group of TFT-LCD industry resources to TFT-LCD module and backlight technology, liquid crystal display in the custom class , LCD TV, one PC, and the BOE special display product brand LCD TV development, production and sales. BOE brand LCD TV for too many people may not know, Tencent appliances found that its own-brand LCD TVs have not yet entered the traditional appliance store channel, currently only in Jingdong Mall, Taobao, online shopping channels, such as new seven-day Sales, Yu said that the current BOE's business is not profitable to focus on the whole, production is also involved in the whole layout of the whole industry chain essential step on the road. Another said, citing Wang Dongsheng, chairman of the BOE, then you can see a whole chain BOE layout in mind, 'the face of changing and competitive market environment, only rapid introduction of new technologies, new products and adapt to changes continuously improve product and service quality in order to survive in the competition, to win. ' Yu said the reason for investment in set-top box market is to master the technology combined with the whole business, the introduction of more market demand for smart TV product, 'this is to build the whole industry chain in the foundation.' Insiders pointed out that the upstream companies to do the whole is indeed better than a simple TV manufacturers a cost advantage, but now the TV industry more low-profit, inter-enterprise competition more intense, if the BOE also need to do to enter the field adequate research and elegant.
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