Diverse Uses And Applications of Fiber Optic Testing

by:APTEK     2020-08-26
Fiber optic cable is a kind of guided transmission media. It is made up of glass threads (fibers), to transmit data. Because of their greater bandwidth and less susceptibility to noise, they are prominent in use as compared to traditional communication lines. Many communications and non-communications area, strongly rely upon this transmission media. So, to ensure uninterrupted communications, proper inspection and cleaning of optical fiber cables is essential Any adulteration in fiber connection may cause failure of the entire system. Even tiny dust particles may cause a number of interruptions for optical connections. For the fulfillment of all such needs of communications, every fiber cable needs to be inspected and cleaned before mating. By keeping this problem in mind, manufacturers have made and launched out a numbers of fiber optic testing equipment in market. Some inspection product categories are given below: AVIT, MINIAVIT, FASTMT, AFC-3000, CFC-600L etc. The Automated Visual Inspection System is a fully automated end face visual inspection tool that is used for large scale applications. This system is used by engineers to interface with multiple units under test by using fixture reci8ever and multiple fixtures. The miniAVIT system is a small version of AVIT for automatic inspection of fiber cable directly on the polishing plate or fixture. It is used by engineers in different stages of manufacturing such as post-polishing, in-process and final inspection stage etc. FASTMT is a fact and easy inspection tool for high density MT style connectors. In short, connectors are the key parts to inter connect the whole network, which is why to keep them in good condition is essential in order to ensure about their maximum performance. In this way, fiber optic test tools play the major role to meet their performance requirements. Apart from inspection tools, some cleansing product categories range from AFC-3000, CFC-600L, CFC-600CL etc. For instance, AFC-3000 is a battery operated non-operated dependent tool that has a 3 seconds long cleaning cycle. CFCs are the cartridges that pull the cleaning threads by pulling it with constant tension over the edge of cartridges. Wide ranges of optic cleaning kits are available in the market to provide consumers the complete solution for end-face fiber cable cleaning. These kits are equipped with everything that is needed to diminish the cause of fiber link failure, to support all kinds of fiber connector categories in data centers and campus environments etc.
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