Five New Things About the new iPhone 5

by:APTEK     2020-08-19
The phones and smartphones did exist in the marketplace even before the iPhone 1 which was introduced seven years back. Things have changed drastically now, as even before the launch of iPhone 5, users across the world were getting restless to catch a glimpse of this new Apple's launch. In the last seven years iPhone has been completely evolved and today it has become a masterpiece. Everyone yearns to own this technological marvel because of not just media hype but because of its many impressive features. It is usually said that Apple has made its own consumer base. They love carrying that half-eaten Apple marked-logo on the back of their device. They simply love the product and are obviously possessive about it. The fact remains that iPhone 5 sold its 2 million units within just 24 hours of opening its sale. Sounds interesting and satisfactory for Apple but as a consumer you must know what is offered with iPhone 5. Pre-ordering the device was made possible in just a few countries where it was feasible and it broke all the previous records. The number of orders doubled to what Apple received when the iPhone 4S was introduced. The extent of the demand surpassed supply and consumers who booked their iPhone later will get their devices in October. However, consumers in the U.S. who booked pre-order within time will be getting their much awaited device on or after September 21, 2012. Lets explore what is new in the iPhone 5: 1. Camera Camera is one component of the smartphone that is checked and evaluated the most. If you check the gallery of pictures at the Apple's website clicked by iPhone 5, you will be impressed with the picture quality. When you click the 'View at full resolution' button you will be elated with the camera's performance. There are certain smartphones that claim to provide better camera in terms of megapixels but the 8MP camera with the iPhone 5 may give a tough fight to the so called better cameras. As the product is yet to reach the consumer so it can't be said convincingly but it is highly probable that you will get a better camera. 2. Faster connectivity A reputed U.S. daily has reported that the speed of the new iPhone is the biggest improvement over its predecessors. The iPhone uses the high-speed wireless networking technology LTE (Long-term evolution) introduced by carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless. It provides users seamless connectivity to watch videos and toggle between web pages faster than ever. There were huge expectations from Apple this time for the iPhone 5 that is duly met with a smartphone with LTE connectivity and larger screen. 3. Battery life There are smartphones that support LTE technology for faster connectivity but the major drawback with them is the short battery life. Considering the poor battery life of other smarpthones with LTE, the battery backup of iPhone 5 looks quite satisfactory. 4. Google Map Another noticeable feature of the new iPhone 5 is the navigation software developed by Apple that will replace the widely known Google maps app. It is certainly going to enhance the usability of the device for travel freaks by helping them in locating places and landmarks. However, many in the industry consider it as a drawback of the new smartphone because of many reasons and absence of public-transit routing is one of them. Google map has been used with iPhones since 2007 but now Apple has replaced it with similar software because of the rising animosity between Apple and Google due to the patent infringement war. 5. Lightening Connector Another addition to the specifications of iPhone 5 is an eight-pin digital lightening connector for which adaptors will be sold separately. Apple says that this will be more durable. In fact it will be 80 percent less than the previous one. However, this lightening connector has been criticized as this will not support the Apple's old 30 pin connector and render them out of use. This smaller connector port will render many accessories useless and thus cause a jolt to hotel, gym, spa owners who have already bought the old Apple connector. Apart from the above discussed aspects, you will find many more things in the new iPhone 5 like a powerful A6 processor and larger display. You should also be ready to face certain disappointments as the new Apple iPhone lacks certain things like NFC (Near field communication). For those who are Apple lovers and bet on a powerful operating system, the new iPhone 5 would be the ideal choice.
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