Floor Wire Protectors Protect You as Much as They

by:APTEK     2020-08-19
When you see a floor wire protector, this means that a company has concerns about the safety of people or vehicles traveling in its office or commercial location. But that doesn't mean that they can't be used in the home as well. Something that protects damage to people, property and wires is valuable to both the owners of the property and the people who don't want to fall. A floor wire protector can be found in two types - one that has a flip open channel that protects both the bottom and the top of the cable or wire and one that is an easy to use drop over cable protector that can be used in temporary situations and for long term purposes. The easier to use version is of course one that can just be placed directly over the wire. Home Uses of Floor Wire Protectors Sometimes our homes either do not have enough plugs in the right places or we have a cable outlet on the wrong wall for the television. When this happens, a floor wire protector is needed to protect the cord and the TV or other appliance. A cover will avoid the danger a loose cord presents. In addition, if the cord covers carpet, typically a Velcro attachment kit can keep the cover securely on the floor, or rubber pads can be attached to the back of it to stop it sliding on a slippery tile or coated concrete floor. It works great for parties and other events where you might have a band or other set up that needs electricity. Another home location might be your garage. There are certainly not many garages that are fully outfitted with several electrical outlets. You may need to work on a project yet need to get in and out of the garage without tripping over a cord so a floor wire protector will keep you and your family safe, especially if you are still keeping one car in the garage. Office Uses of Floor Wire Protectors A business that uses a floor wire protector can be protected from liability because they cover that wire. Lawsuits from people who have tripped are unfortunately a reality. Besides this advantage, it looks much nicer than to have a wire or two running across the floor or above. Before the cover is assembled, the area should be inspected for other safety issues such as anything the wire may have to travel under or around. Then, the protector can be placed over the wire(s) and assembled. Fastlane dropover cable protectors come in 36 inch widths and have L-shaped connectors to hold the pieces securely in place. This can be assured by stepping firmly on the connection spot to confirm that they are correctly aligned. The usual widths available for cables and wires are a half inch to an inch in diameter, perfect for electronic communication or electric links. Whether you need to connect one or two lines, a floor wire protector will keep you and your property safe.
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