Fuse Board - Very Essential Part of Your Home

by:APTEK     2020-08-17
It's important to know that majority of the cases in which a house catches fire is mainly because of faulty electrical appliances, electrical heaters and electrical distribution system. The main reason for these accidents is using old fashioned outdated distribution box. In case of short circuit this distribution system in fact blows a fuse as it can't detect the problem. Fuse board is used mainly to control the current generated by the electricity that in turn is formed by the electrical appliances we use. It actually performs like circuit breaker boxes. These are used to interrupt electricity when the power is overloaded to prevent fire. As per modern technology and standards are concerned these boxes are obsolete. Still lot of houses have been continuing to use these. This can be totally frustrating to fix it when an electrical problem occurs. The process is time consuming as well. Statistically it's really easy to prove that these old-fashioned boxes are required to be replaced by contemporary Consumer Units. By having this installed you can enjoy a much safer and secured electrical system. This system completely eliminates the possibility of fitting the wrong fuse. Changing too is not needed at all even in case of power overload because this system actually trims switches and leads to power off when it gets overloaded. Now we need to understand what actually this modern electrical system is and how it replaces the old and outdated distribution box. This is just an electrical box that includes the circuit barkers. It is exactly placed or fitted in between the electrical circuits in your house and the electricity meter. It is also supported by an important feature which is known as RCD. This basically is formed and designed to protect you from electrocution. This system is able to cut the power off in case of short circuit which was not possible with the old fashioned distribution system. As per reports and statistics almost 40000 accidental fire cases happen each year are caused by defective electrical distribution system. It's also hard to find parts for these outdated electrical distribution systems in modern hardware or electrical stores. People now-a-days prefer the newer versions of the system. Whether you have a new house or an old one, your electrical distribution system must be the updated for safety. You can always approach for quality online electrical store to install the modern distribution system.
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