Here's How To Build Your List With Articles

by:APTEK     2020-08-14
As an e-marketer you will find that one of the best ways to build your list is with articles.. What's so important about the list? The money is in the list! As your list grows so does your opportuntiy to cash in. Let's go through 'why publish articles?' a step at a time. First, what is an article? It is a short piece, typically between 450 and 1,000 words long, on a single topic relevant to the subject of your website. It is informative, not self promotional, and gives value to the reader.At the foot of the article you attach a small 'Resource box' that contains a link to your website. Second, what's next once the article is written? You make sure that you have written it correctly (run spell check, checked your grammar) - after all you are a professional aren't you? - and then you submit it to one or more articles directories. The what happens? Google looks on these article directories as repositories of good information (as do the other search engines) and also treat them as a guide to what are the current hot topics. So these directories are crawled frequently and you content gets indexed. In addition there are hundreds of folks who publish e-zines and they are always looking for valuable content, another reason why your articles should exude quality information. E-zines are circulated by the publisher using their website and also their email lists so giving your articles wide distribution. This is your entry into the world of viral e-marketing - a method of promotion that happens without you having to drive it. You can leverage this viral marketing to reap rewards if you are doing it the right way. In the real sense, you are actually proving your worth and demonstrating your expertise about your business through the articles you write. What's the importance of published articles? Each occasion that your article is found by the search engines means another occasion when your link back is also found. Every one of these helps to raise your site's profile. Each link is seen as a point in your favor, and we all know that points mean prizes. In tis case the prize is a move further up the rankings. Now it's time to make the resource box do its stuff. This is the e-marketer's list building secret weapon. In the resource box you are limited to around 450 characters, including spaces. In that tiny space you should provide your visitor with a reason to click on the link. The link directs them to your landing page that contains more information about the topic and so reinforces their high opinion of your knowledge. It should also contain a call to action, namely a clear link to your list sign up form, so that you build your list with the right kind of members. Why delay? Time to get started right now. Start to build your list with articles today. It's the business building method that lasts and lasts. To Your Success!
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