Highly Efficient Vacuum Cleaner At Cleaning Large

by:APTEK     2020-08-13
Having a hard time cleaning large areas or surfaces? Are you spending too much time on vacuuming when you can do it easy and quickly? Is your vacuum cleaner gives restrictions on where to clean or hazards of electrical cables? Worry no more, Duplex BatVac 50, a strong and reliable cordless wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner that offers a simple, fast and effective method of cleaning dust from large hard floor areas. Its Unique Features * A fully battery operated vacuum cleaning machine that allows it to maneuver in restricted areas without the need for cables. * It has a wide 730mm squeeze that makes short work of removing dirt and liquids from the largest areas. The squeeze allows a maximum coverage for water suction or removal. * Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner having a removable extra-large 50 litre vacuum drum for easy emptying. * Can be operated freely for up to 3 hours with cleaning efficiency of 1800 sq. meter per hour. * It comes with standard on board battery charger that can be plugged in anywhere where a power outlet is available. It has an indication of battery levels and control panel for easy access and viewing for the operator. The machine automatically disconnects the battery on reaching a certain charge level. Functions and Benefits Duplex BatVac 50 is a flexible vacuum cleaner designed to ease cleaning operations by allowing quick and easy vacuuming on an immediate need basis without the necessity of a power cable connection. This cleaning machine can be used to clean fine dust or to vacuum up liquid spills or excess water and areas prone to floods such as industrial fridges and even for hard court tennis clubs when it rains. BatVac 50 industrial vacuum cleaner comes with a long hose and tool kit for cleaning hard to reach areas like under benches, between racking and on shelving. BetVac 50 is highly recommended on industries like factories, warehouses, construction sites, shopping centres, tennis clubs, resorts, swim centres, mechanical, engineering and food processing facilities that require frequent comprehensive cleaning. Portable and suitable for cleaning larger area rooms, vacuums entrance and exterior sidewalks, delivery and receiving docks of warehouses and factories. Cleans wet and dry floor surfaces easy and quickly with its walk behind mobility feature. These are just a few of the many functions and benefits of having and using Duplex BetVac 50 vacuum cleaner.
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