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by:APTEK     2020-08-12
Distinction panel furniture with paper veneer wood veneer, the easiest method is to observe the pattern, knots, color and texture changes of the natural wood veneer, and then there is the touch, feel different. Edge of panel is very important. Note Edge Shenzhen materials of the merits of Note Edge there is not flat, tilt phenomenon. In particular, it is a six-sided edge banding --- although with a formaldehyde-free adhesive, but the wood-based panels in the production process is more or less there will be a volatile gas tight Edge bedroom environmental protection is of course beneficial. Depends on the firmness of the furniture structure. Furniture door drawer sewing the gap, if the gap is large, the rough work, a long time will be deformed; single package box or double-pack boxes, usually, in addition to the outer layer board inside should be affixed with a layer of the panel, called dual package box, double-box is both beautiful and strong. Office Furniture paint is good or bad. Pigment streak? Angular position of the pigment coating is too thick? Cracks or air bubbles it? These are carefully view. Have to ask a salesperson, a few finishes. Office furniture factory, of course, on the number the better. As can be seen from the hinge slot and drill The timber panel medium density particleboard, the best method is to conscientiously observe the hinge slot and drill at bare the internal structure of the local, and can be seen with a particleboard or MDF. The use of the hardware, can easily dis-assembly and assembly of the biggest advantages of panel furniture, so the quality of the connections is good or bad, and is closely related to the quality of the furniture. Imported expensive your minutiae. Panel now occupy a large market share, their plate is not easy deformation, color variety has been a favorite of many people. The so-called panel by the artificial boards and hardware connected. The easy accessibility of such furniture, save wood, color variety, the industry, vigorously develop varieties. Observe the selection should be focused on the following four aspects: See the metal connector metal connector is the most intuitive quality standards, good hardware to switch freely, no noise, no surface coating peeling off. Some high-end plate hardware is imported, the above can be found in the foreign language identification. The quality of the metal connector is important because the can easily dis-assembly combination is the biggest advantage of panel furniture. Shenzhen Metal parts required smart, smooth, surface plating is good, not rust, burrs, higher precision fittings. Plastic parts to modeling focus area to have beautiful, colorful, using strength and flexibility, not too thin. Open-connection requires rotating flexible, such furniture will use open smooth and easy, friction-free sound. Second look edge banding veneer edge banding quality largely affect the quality of the furniture. First, the pros and cons of edge banding material, Edge Second, we should pay attention to whether there is injustice, tilt phenomenon. Good Edge and the entire board should match exactly. Shenzhen office veneer material for grade great influence. To touch the surface of the paint film, generally high-end panel furniture, solid wood solid wood veneer, the mid-range paper veneer, molding and surface glue face lower prices. Which paper veneer because of the treatment process different grades of difference. Third, look at the quality of plates closer look at the side of the plate, glue the decorative parts of the surface is uniform, is firmly bonded, trimming it smooth, spare parts side panels, door panels, drawer fronts and visual parts of the exit at the end face whether edge treatment, traces of adhesive on the touch a sophisticated decorative plate edge profiles. The assembled portfolio primarily the mouth of the drilling at fine, neatly connectors are firmly installed, the plane face connected joints have no gap pushed by hand there is no loosening.
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