Home Theater Installation

by:APTEK     2020-08-12
Setting up and recreating the best movie theater experience you want at home needs advance planning and special modifications needed, in your home. Take into consideration the area size to set-up your home theater system, as well as the seating, ventilations, lighting and acoustic design elements. Home theater enthusiasts with good budgets in their disposal build and blueprint specific area in the house for the theater room. Making sound proof room with specialized furniture purposely engineered and planned chairs for movie viewing with popcorn and snacks vend machines. Home theater installation can be done by professional installers from Home Theater installation companies, or homeowners can set up components for themselves. For homeowners aspiring to get the work done by yourself, it is a must that you have basic carpentry knowledge-skills, and basic home electrical system, as this task will need the use of cordless drills, drill bits, screws and screwdrivers etc. Also, knowledge in basic precursory knowledge for electrical wirings is a must as you will be dealing with cables and connectors later on. Basic home theater system consists of: Video Display- Plasma/LCD TV set, preferably 42'-50' screen wide. Alternative beside flat panel TVs are DLP and CRT rear projection TV for best longevity and image quality. If you're trying to recreate your movie theater experience in your private home. Digital Video Recorder /Video Cassette Recorder- application software that record and play video in a digital system to a mass storage device. DVD player- Hardware used for movie playback specifically chose high definition DVDs with HD up-scaling capabilities like Blu-ray. Home Theater Audio Systems- use Wireless Speakers to avoid disorganized cables, also avoid using cubed speakers. The cons of using cordless speakers are the probability of corrupted audio quality as time goes by. Your home theater audio system has to install AVR (Audio-Video Receivers) as well. Cables/Connectors- Best for audio sound and movie pictures would be expensive high-end gold plated connectors. Don't purchase, or avoid at all cost cheap cables, you can opt to go for Monster cables but it is pricey. Also get yourself some cables organizers and learn to color code your cables. Hide wires and don't let your expose on isle you walk. You can purchase these components in one home entertainment store or buy bits by bits and a mixture of different brand components from different stores.
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