How aviation plug socket type ( Rounding out)

by:APTEK     2020-04-12
< / p > < p > how aviation plug socket type? Air plug socket, a selection method. < / p > < p > don't look down upon air plug sockets, their quality is related to electrical safety and the lives of users. Experts advise: should pay attention to when buying air plug socket points: (1) pay attention to the brand, to large and medium-sized enterprises of choose and buy products. These enterprises enforce national standards, product quality is near. (2) pay attention to identity, the product should have 'CCEE safety certification marks, products must have the manufacturer's name, address, telephone, National standards in the regulation of rated current, 6 a, 10 a and 16 a three level, if there is any other mark level are non-standard products. (3) pay attention to 'match', choose the rated voltage, rated current products correspond to the wall socket used in the home. Rated current should be from big to small order plug, power cord, movable socket, electrical appliances, cannot be reversed. (4) pay attention to the plug. The plug type for the sector of national standard in our country, there are two stage and two stage with a grounding plug; The cylindrical plug is eliminated products, don't buy it. < / p >
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