How safe the correct use of aviation electronic connector?

by:APTEK     2020-04-01
< p > in general if aviation electronic connector as long as it is not higher than the rated voltage, you can use, but in the process of using or they only want to be cautious, after all, if use undeserved, may cause some estimate of the loss, the following professionals in detail how to safety, the right to use this connector. < / p > < / p > < p > the first thing you need to watch some of the products of all kinds of signs, the sign of the above can guide people how to correct for installation, ensure that the product of normal use, general aviation electronic connector will be in the position of the obvious shows that parameters such as rated current, rated voltage, so if beyond the scope of these signs, you should avoid to use. < / p > < p > the size of the equipment is also very important, if the size of the products do not match, then it can lead to poor contact, inserted, and so on, not only result in equipment damage, even caused the accident, so before use should be to determine whether match between connectors and switches. < / p > < p > electrical components ready to prevent electric shock is necessary, it can avoid some unexpected happens. Connector plug and socket all or part of the timeliness, plug electric parts should be can't reach, some plug itself with protect door, you will need to avoid unipolar or insert a probe. < / p > < p > the other aviation electronic connector plug has a set of components should be need elastic, this can let plug bolt contact pressure can guarantee, plug bush should have strong abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, it can ensure the plug and socket good contact. < / p > < p > the power cord should keep enough cross-sectional area, so can prevent the power the fever caused by short circuit, leakage and so on. < / p >
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