How to Change the Date of a Spy Pen Camera

by:APTEK     2020-08-07
How to Change the Date of a Spy Pen Camera Spy pen cameras are a marvel of the modern age but they all share a similar problem in that the date and time was preset when they were made. Changing the time stamp that is printed on a picture or video taken by a spy camera requires using computer software. The process is not difficult but it is necessary to follow a number of steps exactly in order to accomplish the task correctly Instructions 1Attach the USB connector to the USB port on the spy camera. Attach the other end of the USB connector to a USB port on a computer. 2Download the time/stamp software from the website of your spy camera's manufacturer. Click on the icon of the time/stamp software after it has downloaded to unzip it to the computer's hard drive. 3Double-click on the time/stamp software folder that was created when the software was unzipped. Double-click on the file called 'userconfig.txt' to bring it up inside the text editor. 4Change the line noting the date the 8GB Spy Camera Pen was made to 'XXXX-AA-BB CC:CC,' in which the 'X' denotes the year, 'AA' is the month, 'BB' is the date and 'CC:CC' is the time. Go to the 'File' menu and select 'Save' to save the file with the changed date and time. 5Go to 'Start,' 'My Computer,' 'Devices' and click on the icon of the spy pen. Drag the 'userconfig' text from the folder and onto the icon of the spy pen. Wait as the 'userconfig.txt' is copied to the spy pen.Right-click on the icon of the spy pen. Select 'eject' and remove the spy pen from the USB connector. Remove the USB connector from the USB port of the computer. 6Turn on the spy pen and take a picture or video with the changed date and time. Tips & Warnings Incorrectly using the software to update the date and time on a spy camera can corrupt the camera's operation.
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