How to improve aviation security electronic connector use

by:APTEK     2020-04-03
Now electronics industry developing rapidly, the increasing role of the connector, the connector of the fine degree requirements also increased significantly, many manufacturers of electronic connectors production technology strives for perfection, but the light quality is high, I don't know how to safely use has no use, the following is a brief introduction of the main points of the safe use: < / p > air are the requirements for the use of electronic connector for the environment is very harsh, such as the need to use in high pressure environment, it needs to be on products is conducted by a special treatment, in some cases the voltage is abnormal, so direct use of connectors, the effect is not ideal, even has a safe hidden trouble, then completes the compression processing is very important. < / p > < / p > aviation electronic connector used to temperature should meet the requirements, if under high temperature, then the components may be damaged, but let it in a low temperature, also can let the performance of the connector cannot effectively play, serious when even likely to cause the external insulation system of crack and form some unnecessary loss. < / p > in the use of connectors should be used to do a good job of seal, if connector long exposure in a humid air, may cause short circuit, cause safety accidents, so want to be safe, seal must be can not be ignored. < / p > sometimes, connector use place has certain corrosion resistance, in order to be able to meet the requirements of using the environment, must answer for the anti-corrosion insulation to do a good job. < / p > any one thing the use of life, if not good protection, so life will be greatly lower than it should have some life. Aviation electronic connector as a electronic originals, the environment and the requirements for its use should meet the needs of the product itself, in use process to do the maintenance. < / p >
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