How to Repair Dell Laptop AC Adapter

by:APTEK     2020-08-05
The capability to do business in, surfing on the Internet and use computer programs from a device, no bigger than a Briefcase makes laptops like Dell models, is so popular. But without a power source, would these laptops as pretty useless. So, if your laptop AC power adapter does not work, it is likely, because a short circuit in the cable. There are ways to make your Dell laptop power cables without that fix help by a service technician. In the center of the adapter box, set the top of a flat screwdriver, in the suture. This is the black rectangular square half way between the connector and Dell laptop AC adapter to the AC power cord.Work your way around the adapter box with the flat blade screwdriver, until the two halves to solve. Twist up on every corner with the screwdriver on the upper half of the ground pop.You pull out the spiral cable into the adapter box, by you to the end of the string.Reduce the length of the cable from the adapter box with your wire cutters. Sure, just under the plastic rope without cutting the wire cut below. Be careful, because this process is sensitive. Search the damage or short circuit in the direction. It is visible, how frayed or pieces of wire broken somewhere along the length of the cable.Cut the cable to the short and break down the ends either cut page about an inch. Turn the ends of the metal wires together sure that each page completely connected to the other.Wrap electrical tape around the exposed metal wires and band running along the length of the cable into the slot. Bring you are fixed the top half of the adapter box with the ground and your Dell power cords.
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