LG AN-WL100W Wireless Media Kit

by:APTEK     2020-07-27
Escape from the need for unsightly cables yet still have spectacular HD images using this Wireless Media Kit by LG. The AN-WL100W sends a complete HD 1080p transmission to the TV from up to fifty feet away, even thru partitions or doorways. It provides 4 HDMI outputs; 3 at the back the other at the side and is the most suitable match up to all 2010 LG HDTV versions that come with NetCast. Pros: Many consumers record total satisfaction with this product, plus the vast majority are incredibly pleased with the image quality, feeling that the image appears exactly the same irrespective of whether it's sent wirelessly or via a HDMI cable. Evaluators declare that there isn't any reduction in quality nor is there any lag. One particular consumer noticed that any deterioration was basically because of weak broadcasting as opposed to bad wireless transmitting. Customers likewise point out that it really does transmit efficiently through wall structure as publicized. Purchasers are pleased that usage of this system ensures that they don't have to lay lots of wires on the wall to the Tv set, which might look unattractive and also be time-consuming. Sometimes the expense of additional cabling might come near to the cost of this particular wireless kit, therefore it is also a cost-effective choice. Other functions described favorably are: the Infrared blaster which enables you to manage the rest of the devices wirelessly which are near the wireless kit; a monitor connector for linking a laptop or pc so that you can go online or see photos and avail of your large LG screen; an energy saving setting that turns off the system automatically once you shut off the television. Several customers in addition declare that they believe it's sold at a fantastic price in comparison to the opposition. Cons: Though it really does transmit through partitions, customers do document that there is a restriction on this. It might not have the ability to broadcast fifty feet wherever obstructions are present. Some people have described an image quality that's lesser than the outcome attained whenever a cable connection is utilized. One individual believed that was related to video data compression. A number of clients have had a problem with the dongle dimensions as well as instalment. The dongle is way too large therefore it projects from the TV and looks poor. Likewise evaluations reveal anytime the dongle is positioned at the rear of the tv screen, you might drop the connection totally. Some other issues range from the fact that it doesn't work with 3D; to inadequate directions on the way to utilize the infrared feature; to the fact that it is only for a suitable LG TV (as advertised). Let the electricity cable be the solitary wire entering your TV, using the wireless LG AN-WL100W system. That's gonna look much better, without a doubt. Forget about restrictions on the places you position your television too. And there won't be any skimping on image quality, seeing that critiques clearly indicate that the picture, as well as audio, are fantastic.
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