Life of electric connectors and what factors

by:APTEK     2020-03-20
< p > for a connector, electrical performance is provided by the role in the resistance, so it is related to a safety factor of the circuit. One end of the first is in direct contact with the resistance will set a step-down function, the pressure here is referring to the voltage, the resistance of the livestock have a high quality power, so in the connector shall have considerable stability, to control the resistance will be safe for a pass, there will not be missed. < / p > < p > the connector and the resistance of the contact number from several milliohm to ten milliohm a range, intermediate values are selected according to different use, using direct relationship is a connector on the service life of the, if the resistance is too large, the connector itself is a color change, bear heat and voltage will lead to the outside of the connector of protective film were burned, cause serious internal damage. < / p > < p > but the emergence of the insulation resistance is to balance such a use state, insulation resistance in the process, used to measure the connector contact between parts and connectors and the shell of an insulating performance, itself part of the design is to have the function of the current block, so in the process of installation if there are errors of position will directly lead to this group of circuit may be because the resistance is too large or can't use damage. < / p > < p > it is a lot higher than the number of contact resistance, most want to thousand ohms, so pay special attention to in using the connection and to use, only master the skills to better control the power connector, real install a circuit control within a safe electricity flow range. In addition to the electric strength is an indispensable part of the voltage, this test is outside the ability to withstand voltage, and its own material has an inseparable relationship. < / p >
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