Plastic Plugs - An Innovative Device

by:APTEK     2020-07-15
In every home, office, industry however hygienic the environment be, dust is bound to accumulate. Particularly in industries and more so in the manufacturing units of the industry, dust would accumulate. In many cases the dust affects the functioning of the machinery. This problem can be effectively answered by using a plastic plug. These are also effectively used in many other areas like in furniture to prevent from reacting to moisture, in packaging industries, in electrical installations etc. What are Plastic Plugs? Actually, these are made of high/low density polyethylene, or PVC and some are also manufactured using nylon or thermoplastic rubber. End use of the plug decides the type of material to be used in its manufacturing. Some of the popular designs are tube shaped or tapered or wide flange or centre tab pull, electrical connectors etc. They are also used in packaging industries. Like other plastic products, these are available in various colors as well. Some manufacturers prefer tapered or wide flange plugs because these two varieties serve both as a plug and as a cap. As the very name suggest, Centre Tab pull plugs are located in the centre. This variety is normally preferred by most of the manufacturers and they are known for their strength and they also provide greater grip. At the same time will not break while being removed. Electrical sector is one area where plastic plugs play a great role. The Electrical connectors are one of the most popular form used world over. They also protect the electrical connectors from dust and moisture. They are very easy to remove and re-fix. They are also heat resistant and shock proof and therefore they are used in high powered electrical installations. Enormous varieties of electrical connectors are now available in the market. Tubing plugs are best suited for small tubing products. These are tapered in shape and are very effective in preventing dust and moisture. These are now widely used in packaging industries and they are so designed that they can be removed easily by hand. NPT Plugs is another variety which are recognized as a heavy duty plug and are also known to last long. They are preferred where the containers are in regular use. Apart from these, there are many other varieties like unified and black conductive plugs and host of other varieties which are available in the market and these are made to specific requirement of the customer.
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