Precision electronic connectors connection methods

by:APTEK     2020-03-24
< / p > < p > precision electronic connectors are usually composed of plug and socket, meantime precision electronic connectors, plug is also called the free end socket is also called fixed precision electronic connectors. Through the plug and socket and plug and to complete the circuit connection and disconnection, separation and produce all kinds of connecting methods of the plug and socket. For circular precision electronic connectors, basically have screw-type cohesion, bayonet cohesion and billiard type three ways of cohesion. Meantime screw-type join up to see, it has low processing technology briefly, make capital, wide applicable range and advantages, but slower cohesion is not suitable for the need to frequently plug and rapid continuous occasion. < / p > < p > article bayonet cohesion because its the bayonet groove lead longer, and converge faster, but it is mixed and disorderly, capital is higher also. Billiard cohesion are three methods of cohesion in one of the fastest, it does not need to rotate movement, only for linear motion can be completed, and the function of locking separation. Because it to straight push-pull type connection method, so only apply to the total separation force is not big precision electronic connectors. Usually in small precision electronic connectors more see. < / p >
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