Prepare For The 4.3 The Search Team Picked up

by:APTEK     2020-07-14
In order to account for the team in search of the system how to distribute equipment problems, we specially used in the search for the team 'demand greater than greed' made some changes to the way the distribution. When using the search team into the soul of the copy, players will make the choice of vocational character (the tanks, treatment, output), when they meet their demand of the role of professional equipment or weapons, they will be marked with 100 points at demand. Therefore, when the beat princes, you play the role of professional will be the default for your career role. That sounds very confused? I don't hope so, let us, for example: A leader was defeated, feel epic defense equipment. Group a mage click the 'greedy' button, and throw out the 98 points. Group a berserker want the defense outfit, so he ordered 'demand' and throws 64 points. And in the two the war to the equipment. The war 1 throws the 12 o 'clock; the war 2 throws 7 points. What will happen next? Because the mage choice is 'greedy,' then he first already out. Violent war point 'need,' and thrust out points higher than the other two the war, but he in princes fell; vocational character is the output, and the chief of the drop be marked, outfit, so his 64 points only 100 points of the 64 points in it. In contrast, the war 1 and the war 2 got 100 points each throws of the bonus point, because their princes are down in vocational character is tanks, and they demand to be to prevent the mark with equipment. This means that the war 1 thrust out is 112 points, while the war 2 thrust out is 107 points. The war 1 gets this equipment! If time to add thrust out points into, so the bonus will be directly displayed in the chat in the box. Please note that, at least for now, the system only to the professional role, not mix some players. This is not only the bonus to pack-it is suitable for the outfit, output outfit and treatment outfit, and some equipment will be marked suitable for more than a career role. Only the soul of the dragon of dropped items in this way marked vocational character (although copies all items are suitable for a mark or many kinds of vocational character). As you wish, all the general 'demand greater than greed' rules still exist, which means they throw some bonus will not affect the normal career and the application of the restrictions. Copy the items won't affect what information vocational character can get throws bonus points, apparently according to attribute distribution and item type to differentiate. We are considering in all the new underground city 4.3 promote the system, at present the old underground town is not under consideration. However, the system just molding, in version 4.3 of the search team for could be further changes. As mentioned earlier, the team will change the past that search is only 'demand greater than greed' and by the way, for further vocational character (tanks, output, treatment) got the bonus point the way to throw. Deficiency is the system also can't test players with point talent, and so could be appeared in some professional use special attribute to create some problems. In order to make you more clearly you're in a copy of your professional positioning according to what can demand, which can't demand, we made some criteria to let you know what equipment you can get to throw the bonus point. You in a copy of vocational character can obtain the throw of the bonus point rules: Tank: Agile put leather armor (druid) The power of the defense attributes with plate armour. Defense properties act like the role of article. Agility attribute is acted like the role of article (druid) Treatment: Any no critical strike cast outfit Any trigger the bonus healing acts like the role of article. Output: Most no defense properties of the equipment Spirit outfit (elemental shaman, shadow priests, balance the druid) Any spell critical strike damage or bonus acts like the role of article. Sometimes we mark equipment as some excessive restriction (for example: petrochemical fungi the heart and greed of the mouths of a signet ring), we plan to version 4.3 again to these items online and reduce some of the restrictions. In 'the panda mystery man, we hope to be able to have the user can mix some methods in the future can eliminate these. In the soul of the dragon, though there will be some repeat, more important is to keep your pick up these rules, for customer service team will not help solve any through the team find device automatic distribution system produces pick disputes.
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