Prevent Corrosion With Electroplating Services

by:APTEK     2020-07-14
Electroplating is the process of coating an object that conducts electricity with a layer of metal with the help of electric current. Electroplating services are usually used for depositing an adhering surface layer of metal to a substance which does not have this property. Electroplating is used for a variety of industries for decorative as well as functional purposes. One of the well-known examples of chrome plating of the steel parts is the way these are done on automobiles. A few of the steel bumpers have been seen to become more resistant to corrosion once they have been electroplated with chromium and nickel. Electroplating services may be used for silver plating the electrical connectors made of copper and brass. Silver tarnishes at a gradual rate with an increased conductivity than other metals. Another benefit that silver has is that it has a reduced surface electrical resistance that leads to an effective electric connection. Silver plating is a popular option for the RF connectors due to the fact that radio frequency current is made to flow mainly on the surface of the conductor. This is something that helps the connector to obtain power of brass and conductive properties of silver. One other form of electroplating services is brush electroplating. This process is conducted in localized areas or entire items which are plated with the help of a brush that is oaked in a plating solution. The brush is attached to the positive side of a low voltage source of direct current. The brush is dipped in the plating gel and applied on the item. Moving the brush constantly creates a uniform distribution of plating material. The brush is connected to the low voltage point with the item connected to the negative. If you move the brush on a continued basis, it leads to the even distribution of the plating material. With the electroplating services, you can realize several advantages such as ability to plate the items which cannot be tank plated, portability, little or lack of masking requirements as well as requirements of low volume of the plating solution. During the process, a container is filled with a mixture of salt of the metal that will be used for coating purposes. If you choose copper, the solution will comprise copper sulfate and mixed with water.
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