Protection Against Intrusions, the Security Guard

by:APTEK     2020-07-13
When we talk about the protection of real estates, as often as not Italians choose the partnerships with companies specialized in the production and installation of alarm systems; now on the market people can easily find some among the most used alarm systems, which are wireless or cable burglar alarms, and the mixed ones. Sometimes, to protect our real estate, an house alarm or a burglar alarm for our company is not enough; in some situations and unfortunately, in some areas of our Country, citizens and entrepreneurs ask for a better surveillance service to the security forces, because demographic increases, uncontrolled immigration and squatters caused an unacceptable situation. Often the answer of the Italian Police is the same, that is that it is not possible to empower the rounds of the police men on duty, because there are no founds to do it and is for this reason that the private citizens who can afford it, decide to choose an extra protection to their properties. This protection is often obtained through powerful illumination, high enclosures and external micro cameras for commercial and industrial buildings, while private citizens often choose, as protection for their properties, video cameras, watchdogs, infrared and thick hedges that prevent indiscreet eyes from studying the house. For what regards the protection of commercial or industrial real estate, on special occasions, companies and societies require the service of a Security Guard or of a team of Guards; this professional figures are common citizens who have the necessary requirements to obtain the issue of the certificate from the Police and who have then the authorization from the State to safeguard private and industrial movables and real estate's. The security guard cannot, in the execution of his duty, safeguard people, for whom it is required just the intervention of the Public Security Authority; unlikely they work directly for private citizens or companies, as they are quite always dependent from a private security company. This professional figures are an instrument ideal for people who are looking for an efficient and professional service, as these 'persons in charge of the public service' undergo a biennial renew of the license, fact that guarantees a constant monitoring of their psychophysical, aptitude and legal requirements and because of the fact that as they are licensed to wear a gun for personal defense, they discourage most of spiteful persons. Since some years ago people claim for a reform on the private security field, because of the conditions in which now safety guards work: in recent times very numerous have been the trials against safety guards in Italy as their duty allows them to write tickets concerning the work that they do, but presently these tickets are part of the trial 'until proved otherwise' and not 'until false action' as it happens normally for investigative Police agents. Serena Rigato
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