Replace HP Dv7 Keyboard Quickly For Sending Hi

by:APTEK     2020-07-12
Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11. In the wake of Japan's double-whammy of 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, thousands of people are dead. And when many more are still missing or injured, lots of companies offer their free wi-fi in Japan until emergency ends. It will help Japanese residents displaced or affected by the earthquake communicate more effectively, including social media Facebook, Twitter, etc. With these social media tools, try to contact your family and friends in Japan via sending urgent messages. Meanwhile, you could connect your HP DV7 laptop to Internet, typing your urgent messages or support on the DV7 keyboard. Sometimes, you might meet hp laptop keyboard non-working issues. There are a few ways for you. If it's about keys non-registering [g, h, ', backspace] on your keyboard, try to remove the battery for 10-15 seconds and clean the connectors. If you need to replace keyboard on hp DV7, there is a simple guide how to do with hp dv7 keyboard replacement. Preparation: Plelease remove the battery, accessory cover, optical drive and switch cover before dv7 replacing. Be safe and have the power off to the laptop before you work on it. Step1. Close the notebook and turn it upside down with the front toward you. Step2. Remove the 12 mm P1 Phillips-head screw that secures the keyboard to the computer.This screw is located in the WLAN MiniCard compartment. The accessory cover must be removed to access this screw. Step3. Turn the notebook right side up and open the display panel fully. Step4. Remove the 3 mm P0 Phillips-head screw that secures the keyboard to the top cover. Step5. Remove the three 2 mm P0 Phillips-head broad-head screws that secure the keyboard to the top cover. Step6. Lift the top edge of the keyboard and slide the keyboard toward the rear of the notebook. Step7. Using minimal force, push the locking bar toward the rear of the notebook to unlock the keyboard ZIF connector on the system board. Note: Please take care to prevent damaging the ZIF connector and ribbon cable. Step8. Carefully open the connector and release the flat ribbon cable. Then unlock the connector by moving the lock up and after that release the ribbon cable. Step9. Set the old one aside and now put in the new one in reverse order. Please be careful when sliding the ribbon into the holder. Once it is hooked up, power on the laptop to check that you got it right. Remember to take care and go slow. It is a good idea to keep the older keyboard for it's extra parts and keys, should you need it. Hope above solutions can help you. So easy to fix hp laptop keyboard problems. Then you can do whatever. God will bless Japanese people, you are not alone, the whole world is with you.
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