Replacing Laptop Keyboard

by:APTEK     2020-07-12
After you get a new laptop keyboard, you may wonder how you can replace the keyboard by yourself. Here we give you some advice to follow: First, remove the two screws from the bottom of the laptop which are holding down the keyboard bezel. The bezel is the bar sitting right above all the function keys. Second, turn your laptop over, open the cover and insert a credit card or guitar pick between the bezel and the laptop screen. The bezel has pegs sitting in holes. You need to pry up the bezel slowly. There may be a bit of a popping noise when it is removed. Third, hold on to the keyboard from the end closest to the screen and gently pull it away from the touch-pad end and flip it over. You can see the ribbon attached to the underside of the keyboard. There is a little plastic connector holding the ribbon to the laptop. Pull it up carefully on the two tabs to make it unlock. One tap is located on each corner of the connector. Be very gentle when you do this as this is one of the parts which get to be broken most often when changing a keyboard. Then the ribbon will be released. Fourth, pull the ribbon out of the connector carefully and remove it along with the entire keyboard. Finally, place the keyboard face down to insert the new keyboard, so you have an easy access to the ribbon. Make sure the keyboard is lined up, so when you flip it back over the keys are in the correct position. Keep the ribbon straight all the time. Twisting it will damage it. Place the ribbon in the connector. It only goes in one way. Once in correct place, push down on the connector tabs to lock it. Now flip the keyboard over and slide it down toward the touch pad and take the bezel and line the pegs up with the holes and push it in place. Then turn the laptop over and replace the two screws you removed from the bottom. You can now power on your laptop and see if the keyboard works. If it is working, you are successful. Next time, when you face such a problem, you can make it solved successfully.
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