Review of Ram Mount For Ford Explorer And Digital

by:APTEK     2020-07-11
RAM has developed a laptop mount with a dual swing arm specifically for Ford Explorers. How great is that? With an estimated launch date in late May 2011, people are already queuing up to be among the first to have and install one of these in their SUV. Certain stores are offering pre-orders because the interest in this mount is so great. At last, SUV owners will be able to clearly view their GPS maps and screens in a large format suitable for their vehicle. This RAM mount accommodates laptops and positions them at a height and distance convenient for the driver. The dual swing arm allows for fine tuning of the position of the laptop once it has been affixed to the mount. Side keepers allow for the mount to be adjusted to any size laptop and allows varying configurations to avoid blocking any of the ports on the sides of the laptop. There is also room on the tray mount to attach a phone and/or GPS device mount adjacent to the laptop. Additionally, an easily adjustable telescoping pole adds the final touch for customization of the RAM Mount Vehicle Laptop Mount Dual Swing Arm for Ford Explorer 2011. Since summer is almost here, this is the best time to create a checklist and make sure you're prepared for more fun in the sun this year. For the boating enthusiast, a new digital marine antenna has hit the market. It is officially known as Digital Antenna 528-VW White 4 ft VHF Marine Antenna, and Power Boat Reports has voted it the best 4 foot VHF antenna. It is perfect for use on speedboats, sailboats and T-tops. This antenna has a 4.5 decibel gain and its construction has literally won awards. It delivers high quality, powerful performance, through it compact design. A favorite feature among installers and customers is the 500 GOLD Series, easy installation connector system. The gold factory-attached mini-UHF female connector with PL-259 (UHF) adapter makes connecting to the radio easy, and eliminates the need to solder connectors. This product is attractive and stylish with its high gloss, white, urethane finish. Additional data on the mount and installation for the 500 GOLD Series: 528-VW ; 529-VB includes: Mount: Standard 1'-14 threaded base Connector: Gold factory-attached mini-UHF female with mini-UHF male to UHF male (PL259) adapter Cable: Includes 15' of our low-loss, tinned braid, foil shielded, UV stable RG-8X marine cable Once you've used this antenna, you will understand just why it has won awards for being the best in its class.
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