The Advantages of Using Self Regulating Cable Lines

by:APTEK     2020-07-02
Cables that are used for communication and heating pipes should meet the highest standards of strength and durability, because of their work depends on the smooth functioning of utilities. There are self-regulating cable, and resistive. Heating element in the self-regulating cable is a special semiconductor matrix, conductive properties, and therefore - and the power of the current, which vary with changes in ambient temperature. At the same sections of the cable exposed to different temperature effects will have different temperatures. In the resistive element is heat cables, metal core. These cables can only be a certain fixed length, due to the ohmic resistance of the central (heating) wires. The parameters of heat resistance cables are not dependent on ambient temperature. Intelligent cable ribbon ispolzuyutsyav protection systems from freezing and to maintain the desired temperature in the outer pipe. They are used for heating of pipelines, industrial and consumer pipelines of small and medium length. Their ability to self-regulation is used in industry to maintain a constant temperature of the product pipelines that transport bulk solids, liquids and gases. about gutter heaters Flat poverhnosttakih kabeleyimeet protection against mechanical damage, which is implemented by braiding of galvanized steel wire. Cables are manufactured with different performance outer shell that allows their use in the toughest environments in their impact - corrosive chemical solutions under the action of ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and large temperature differences. The need for heat pipe can occur when the pipe from the sewage system or water well laid in the upper layer of soil, ground water since come close to the surface. In this case you can not bury the pipeline in the trench to prevent its freezing in winter. Thermal insulation of the pipeline of supply may also be required when the building was built on stilts or have malozaglublenny foundation. The cable is part of a system that prevents freezing of the pipe. Due to its characteristics, self-regulating cables are used in such systems are more likely than the resistive and induction-resistive. This is due to many factors. First of all, the ability to select segments of the cable of any length uprostitprotsess designing such a system, umenshitkolichestvo calculations. Due to the fact that each local cable station is able to maintain the desired temperature of heating, there is a significant reduction in energy consumed, ie, is optimizing its costs. The effect of self-control to avoid overheating and burning out the cable, even if the self-intersection, which increases reliability and service life of the system. In general, the system, the basis of which is self-regulating cable that has a higher efficiency than a system using resistance cables. In some cases, for small lengths of the heated tube, such a system may even work reliably without the equipment, which manages its inclusion.
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