The composition of circular connector

by:APTEK     2020-04-05
< / p > < p > round straight plug connector is a fast ball lock circular electric connector shell fitting, it is composed of plugs, sockets, connector shell pieces by shell, lock sets, reeds, pin, ball, ball, shrapnel, shrapnel, gaskets composed of nine parts. < / p > < p > after the lock set and shell assembly, pin from the casing load and riveted on the lock set, the lock set and the shell is equipped with rotating between 20 degrees, plug shell is equipped with 3 - 4 ball, plays a role of docking lock, lock set with straight slot, when the ball is not supported, in full retreat into the shell wall; Mated spin lock set of supporting steel ball to highlight shell inner wall, to the socket shell realize plug and socket in the circular groove on the lock. Against inclined plug, it also has the wrong plug, excellent electric properties and shielding performance, vibration resistance, impact resistance, resistance to environmental advantages, convenient lock unlock, small volume and convenient use. < / p >
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