The connector wire seal and plug in interface design

by:APTEK     2020-03-21
Connector plug and interface design < / p > to meet the requirements of a connector on the properties of high pressure, the mounting plate must be designed in general connector different structure. On the floor of connector plug interface, free end soft plate adopt silicon rubber, designed as a concave & quot; Cone hole & quot; Structure to fixed pin contact; Fixed end use DAP hard installation board, designed with convex & quot; A cone & quot; Structure to fixed socket contact. < / p > connector lead sealing < / p > lead seal including free end connector and a fixed end connector wire seal. For adoption of fluorine plastic wire, in order to make strong wire binding, must to sandblast the wire bonding part, make its surface rough, to use strong oxidizing agents corrosion wires. Corrosion process make the conductor surface molecular radicals formed in the reaction of carbon membranes, carbon membrane chemical reaction with a sealing adhesive to form a real chemical bonding. < / p > a welding wire and contact, request level on the surface of the solder joint area is small and contact, on the one hand, so can avoid the coating on the surface of the destruction due to solder joint area of contact, on the other hand can also avoid due to the solder bumps or dents caused by point discharge, and easy to cause gas adsorption form when molding & quot; Air pump & quot; < / p > < p > < / p >
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