The definition of electronic connectors

by:APTEK     2020-03-27
< / p > < p > electronic connector ( Is often referred to as circuit connector, electrical connector) , the two conductors of a back road bridge, the current or signal can flow from one conductor to another conductor conductor devices. It is widely used in various kinds of electrical wiring, to play the role of a connected or disconnected or current signal. This connection may be temporary and convenient plug from time to time, may also be permanent node between electrical equipment or wires. < / p > < p > electronic connector is electrical signals transmission device ( Analog signal or digital signal) , can provide the separation of interface used to connect two electronic system, is used to complete the circuit or electronic machines and other electrical connection between the components. Such as: power plug/socket, IC, telephone plug, etc are all a hotchpotch of foot. Widely used in electronic industry. < / p >
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