The design of waterproof cable connector performance advantage in where?

by:APTEK     2020-03-15
< p > traditional connector waterproof performance is not very strong, but with the rising of the waterproof technology, connector waterproof effect is also more and more strong, so as to adapt to a variety of harsh environment, waterproof cable connectors, so to speak in such aspects as transmission efficiency, environmental performance advantage. To understand the below. < / p > < / p > < p > energy conservation and environmental protection < / p > < p > waterproof cable connector in electrical connection more stable, more low contact resistance, reduce the energy consumption, so it than ever connector on the energy saving performance is more obvious, and it in terms of its environmental performance is very good, reduce the pollution to the environment. < / p > < p > high transmission efficiency < / p > < p > when designers in the design of a product to understand connector connection effect, waterproof cable connector to connect different circuit, in order to achieve the effect of electricity, its transmission efficiency is higher. < / p > < p > 'three jaw chuck' design < / p > < p > in male female plug docking, adopts the design of the 'three jaw chuck', can the accurate guide of the male female plug accurately fixed, reduce inaccurate because fixed lead to leakage. < / p > < p > small, does not occupy a space < / p > < p > waterproof cable connector at the time of design, the appearance design is more small, flexible, so they better concealed themselves enough, does not occupy a space. < / p > < p > through the above introduction, I believe you know more about waterproof cable connector, with the constant innovation of technology in the future, the function of waterproof cable connector will be more and more strong, the effect of the connection will be better and better. < / p >
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