The Ever Expanding Range Of Consumer Units

by:APTEK     2020-07-02
The range of consumer units gets ever larger ranging from units that can just support one circuit to ones that support 54 ways. There are also ones that support the normal household two phase systems to units that are able to support three phase systems. The question has to be asked 'do we need as many different types and sizes and should there perhaps be more standardisation?' The answer is as usual on these things fairly blurred but the competition has spawned an excellent range of units, which are becoming more tuned to individual requirements than ever before. Obviously the consumer unit has to do the job and the discussion as to whether it is best to have one large distribution board or to have several small units ganged together is a matter of choice and is up to the consumer and the electrician. There are cases for both systems and these need to be examined. The ganged system can be ever expanded as the business grows whilst the larger unit probably looks better and will take up less space and everything is in one box so that any fault can be found quickly. The ranges of small units have been quite a boon, particularly the garage and shower consumer units. The garage is becoming an ever increasing user of electricity for power tools, garden equipment and for garden and security lighting. This means that the past days of single or two circuit units have become out of date and they are getting bigger by the day. The garden itself has become an area where there are requirements for distribution systems for greenhouses, swimming pools and garden lighting and these often work in conditions where robust systems are required for protection against damage and climate are essential. In recent times the bathroom has become an area for a separate system with the introduction of the power shower and there are some single circuit systems on the market especially for this purpose. The electrician has been the primary source of many of the changes as more space is allowed to connect the wiring so that it is not a mess of wires, busbars have been split and are often removable to allow for ease of wiring. Visual appearance has become a deciding factor in some cases and the ease of seeing which circuit has tripped has become paramount. Yes there are probably too many types of consumer units but the increasing development has benefitted the marketplace.
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