The future of Telecommunications is Fiber Optics

by:APTEK     2020-06-27
Sophisticated data transfer systems now-a-days rely more and more on Fiber Optics for digital signal transmission. High Speed data transfer, highly reduced data loss, no electro-magnetic problems, small dimensions and a low weight are the main features that characterize the use of Fiber-Optic technology. There are two different materials used to fabricate optical fibers: Polymeric fibers - short distance transfer and installations in rough surroundings. Glass fibers - for high quality and long distance data transfer Fiber Optics system offers data transmission rates of 100GB/sec at a bandwidth-length-product upto 1500MHz x Km Branching to terminals is done by Plug Connectors. When processing optical fibers, it is most essential not to impair the quality of the fibers. Tyco Products Limited offer Speciality CATV and Fiber-Optic Tools for cutting, stripping and crimping of optical fibers. We also have various Tool Kits which are a must-have for CATV and Fiber Optic Telecom Installers. They include basic necessity tools to speciality tools. Our Installers Kit TK-450 is a assembled in a convenient easy to carry Cordura case, which contains the basic services tools essential for equipment installation, repairs and cable preparations. Whether it's Fiber optic, Coax or Copper cable, this versatile kit contains the perfect tools for today's demanding technician. The TK-450 kit is perfect for VOIP installer. Fiber technician or communications specialist and comes with manufacturer's Life-Time guarantee. Tyco Products also offer a wide selection of Fiber Optic Patch Cords and Connectors used for applications such as Telecommunication, CATV, Local Networks as well as Active Device Termination. Our standard patch cords include SC, FC, ST and LC type connectors with factory tested 100% optical performance. These items have precision ceramic ferrules with endface and are compliant with JIS C-5973, IEC and Bellcore. If needed, we can also supply E2000, DIN, MU, MT-RJ and MPO connectors. Fiber Connector Insertion and Removal tool: Tyco Products offer PCR100 which is ideal for inserting and removing small-form-factor (SFF) connectors in high density patch panels. Works with SC, SC2, MU, LC and MTRJ connectors and different cables including 2mm, 3mm, 1.6mm, jacketed and 900um buffered cables. This ergonomically designed tool is equipped with a spring loaded non-conducting material handle. Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits: Tyco Products offer a complete Fiber Optic cleaning system with no costly re-fills or investments and in-expensive mechanisms to maintain. It delivers effective wet and dry connector cleaning .the portable cleaning system easily fits into tool kits. Includes a heavy-duty lint-free wiping material tough enough to remove buffer gel, yet soft enough for end-face cleaning. Application Areas - End face connector cleaning / Splice preparation / Buffer gel removal.
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