The Manufacturers Have Used Simulation

by:APTEK     2020-06-30
Along with the mobile phone mobile products led to miniaturization, easily portable and high performance from the direction of development, the screen assembly connected with your substrate more complex. In such a context, the substrate to the substrate connector connector, FPC filter pitch, decreased back, much polarization more urgent requirement, especially the ultra-thin cellular phone needs to machine interior connector super low again requirements more eagerly. In order to achieve car DVD, filter spacing, miniaturization, much polarization and high consistency, the manufacturers have used simulation techniques to conduct in-depth research plus development. To create a narrow pitch products Auto navigation system needs by way of a floating connector absorbing package partial or fixed by way of screws substrate is produced if the deviation. Just about every connector manufacturers actively grow narrow spacing, multipolar, capable to cope with large canceled out high performance floating connector goods. Recently, the pitch of 0. A FEW mm, XY direction and keep the positive and bad 0. FIVE mm displacement high performance floating connector has been put into operation. Automobile camera system for clearing up the vibration problems, using two fixed parts, assembly if the need for floating connector, as well as narrow spacing, the quantity of float more. Suspended connector by contact section ( removable side) plus a welding part ( fixed ) is composed of two parts, by way of a contactor connected together. The contactor is removable from the case, increase the welding part insert. Because the insulating part is fixed on two sides from the metal fixing piece, therefore reduce the welding aspect load. Each connector manufacturers to apply fine precision processing technology and high reliable make contact with technology and actively create narrow spacing, to keep up a sufficient large floating variety of products, rich various products. For the reason that next generation of floating connector, the plug connector as well as the socket connector side edge and both sides could move. THE pitch of 0. 5 mm to the substrate to the substrate connector having a multipolar structure, pole number over 200, maximum moving distance of YOU mm, and possess begun to put in production. Floating connector to be able to improve the user's advantage. The both sides can switch, column as well as spacing to respectively could be moved around 1 mm, the fitting direction could be moved ( parallel network ) 0. A FEW mm, is likely to be used in numerous fields. Flying connector demand is likely to grow worldwide, its use seriously isn't limited to car map-reading products, is usually used for car sound with non contact connector, company equipment and various apparatus. For the reason that car navigation products from the global popularity and current market expansion, and new uses from the product appears ceaselessly, the market is expected to have a rapid growth. One din dvd manufacturing apparatus / machine connector Unit tools and manufacturing equipment to apply many connector. In order to realize high performance, high precision, high density packaging, technical progress is the important factor for connector. Just about every manufacturer technology development from the fierce competition.
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