The new round waterproof connector, rounding

by:APTEK     2020-03-31
< p > Japan aviation electronics industry company, was launched on August 26, 2015 for rail vehicles and related electrical equipment circular waterproof connector 'JK06 series'. According to introducing, except for the railway vehicle, the product can also be used for machine tools, robots, communications, audio and other industrial equipment. < / p > < p > new products is in Germany's circular connector standard VG95234. A key to adopt high environmental performance of the bayonet type Mosaic structure. Have the equivalent to a degree of protection of chimeric IP67 waterproof performance ( Don't immersed in underwater 1 m put 24 hours) 。 < / p > < p > due to the international railway project many requirements in line with international standards of connector, besides VG95234, new products, therefore, also conforms to the European often use 'NFF61 - 030 '( The French railway connector standard) 、EN50467( EU railway connector standard) 、“BS6853”( British rail vehicle fire protection standard) Such as the standard. < / p > < p > Japan airlines electronic first will launch 4 28 size 37 core product ( Paragraphs 1 panel mounting socket products, 1 next to relay socket products, two straight plugs) 。 Is scheduled to start in October 2015, 18 size 10 sales three core products ( Paragraphs 1 panel mounting socket products, 1, 1 short straight plugs straight plug products) That began in December 2015 sales 3 size 36 to 48 core product ( Paragraphs 1 panel mounting socket products, 1, 1 short straight plugs straight plug products) 。 < / p > < p > / plug socket of the common performance parameters are as follows. Maximum rated current, connector monomer for 13 a. Contact resistance of 2. Below 5 m Ω. Resistance to voltage of AC 2550 v r. m。 年代。 。 More than 5000 m Ω for insulation resistance. Using the temperature range for - 40℃~+100℃。 Pull out plug life expectancy of more than 500 times. < / p >
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