The performance of the rectangular overloading connector is introduced

by:APTEK     2020-03-25
< / p > < p > the basic properties of the rectangular overloaded connector can be divided into three categories: namely, mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental performance. < / p > < p > 1, the mechanical properties of < / p > < p > in terms of connectivity, the mechanical properties of insertion force is important. Another important mechanical properties is the rectangular connector mechanical life. < / p > < p > connector insertion force and mechanical life and contact element structure ( Positive pressure size) Contact parts plating quality ( Sliding friction coefficient) And contact element array size precision ( Alignment) The relevant. < / p > < p > 2, electrical properties, < / p > < p > the main electrical connector performance including contact resistance, insulation resistance and electric strength. < / p > < p > 3, environmental performance < / p > < p > common environmental performance including heat resistance, moisture resistance, salt fog resistance, vibration and shock, etc. < / p >
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