The security performance of the round cable connector?

by:APTEK     2020-04-08
< p > in normal times, you need to use a lot of place to circular cable connector, security problem due to its relationship to the circuit, so its stability is directly related to the safety factor of electricity. < / p > < / p > < p > general round cable connector can directly in contact with the resistance there will be a lower voltage at the end of the performance, general it and contact resistance value range is probably in a few milliohm to ten milliohm and value of the intermediate contact will choose according to the use of jean valjean. < / p > < p > if the resistance is too large, then the circular connector will have a color change, can lead to too much voltage connector protective film was damaged. < / p > < p > but the contact of insulation resistance can balance the relationship between the circular connectors and cable connector, because itself has block current role, so if in use process, the location of the connection error, then it leads to the cannot be used because the resistance is too large. < / p > < p > only round cable connector correct connection, power flow control in a reasonable scope, so to ensure safety. < / p >
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