The Skullcandy Headphone That Can Meet Any Audiophile's

by:APTEK     2020-06-29
If you value the natural sound and you are dreaming of the perfect pair of headsets that can provide a crystal clean sound, then you should not look any further than the recent release of the SkullCandy headphones, the Roc Nation Aviator. Available in three different colors, this amazing pair of headsets manages to redefine the meaning of wired full ears headphones thanks to its elegant leather coating and the incorporation of silver connectors. As the name suggests, their shape is similar to one of a chicken egg, alluding to the popular style of aviators back in the 1970s. The headband and the polished silver slide rail of this intricate SkullCandy headphones model provide a lot of options regarding customization and adjustments to fit perfectly on anyone's head. Moreover, the parts of the headphones can be folded even further to ensure safe storage. Even though it is quite flexible, the Roc Nation Aviator model is also quite resilient. In fact, the manufacturer seems to have gone to great lengths in order to reinforce the headsets with a polycarbonate frame that acts like a shield for the fragile headband. In addition, in order to ensure that nothing will go wrong, the SkullCandy developer did his best to make the cable extend over 1.3 meters and added a flexible and durable alloy in the cable made of nylon. By incorporating the nylon braided wire in this amazing SkullCandy headphones model, the intention of the manufacture was clearly to reduce that annoying tangling problem most users complain about in wired headsets. Besides the fact that the cable is equipped with an universal plug to ensure a compatibility with most electronic devices, it includes a small remote that allows smartphone owners to navigate and access music playback on their mobile devices. The only problem that users have complained about regarding the SkullCandy set of headphones is the fact that it does not reproduce sound very well from all types of music genres. More exactly, the Roc Nation Aviator model is kind light on the bass and works beyond excellent for music genres that employ the use of string instruments. However, it is important to note that this should be read as an incapability of reproducing synthesized tracks from the techno or industrial genres. All that it means is that in certain cases, the voice is extremely clear while the bass is somewhere in the other frequencies. Overall, the headphones are quite an interesting and appealing combination of a unique design and style and exceptional sound clarity. The price of this set of headphones is around 150 dollars. While for some people that are looking for pair of headsets on a budget this may seem a bit expensive, the truth is that they are light, comfortable and provide a surprisingly good sound that normally would be associated with a higher price range. In addition, by purchasing a pair of the Roc Nation Aviator headphones, you will benefit from a lifetime service, support and warranty. As you can see, you are making a wise investment.
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