The structure of the flameproof high-voltage cable connector special and advantage

by:APTEK     2020-03-14
< / p > < p > flameproof high-voltage cable connector structure characteristics: < / p > < p > connector plug part and socket parts respectively two main body parts. Socket components are installed on the machine or other need for 10 kv ac voltage and current under 500 a and devices, a plug part and cables installed, connected via three conductive rod inserted into the socket, will feed input shall provide the power supply device. < / p > < p > flameproof high-voltage cable connector advantages: < / p > < p > flameproof high-voltage cable connector connector has high insulation performance, splice fast, convenient, flexible and reliable operation etc. , is currently the most advanced in mine cable connectors, applicable to flammable, explosive, poor working environment of the workplace. < / p >
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