The use of electronic connector in extreme circumstances

by:APTEK     2020-03-30
1, high temperature < / p > electronic connector of metal materials and insulation materials determines the working environment temperature. High temperature will destroy the insulation material, cause the insulation resistance and compression performance; For metal high temperature can make contact with the loss of elasticity, accelerating oxidation and coating metamorphism. Usually the environment temperature for - 55 ~ 100 ℃ special occasions may be even more demanding. < / p > 2, moist < / p > relative humidity higher than 80%, is to cause of electric breakdown. Humidity caused by water vapor on the surface of the insulator, absorption and diffusion, easy to make insulation resistance is reduced to below level M Ω, long-term in a high humidity environment, will cause physical deformation, decomposition, escape products, have a breathing effect and electrolysis, corrosion and crack. Especially in equipment outside of the electronic connector, often want to consider to damp, water permeability and pollution of the environment condition, this kind of circumstance should choose seal connector. < / p > 3, the temperature leaps zag < / p > humidity test is simulated using the electronic connector in the cold into a warm environment of actual usage, or to simulate spacecraft, detector temperature change sharply. Temperature leaps may make insulation cracks or layer. < / p > < / p > 4, thin air high in the thin air, the plastic gas pollution to contact, and make the corona produces the trend of increase, pressure performance degradation, make the circuit fault. In the upper reaches a certain value, plastic performance variation. Use a sealed connector at high altitude, the must therefore derating use. < / p > < / p > 5, corrosive environment according to the different use of electronic connector corrosion environment, the corresponding connector of metals, plastics, coating structure, like in the salt fog environment using the connector, if there is no corrosion protection of metal surface, can make the performance deteriorating rapidly. In contain substantial concentration of SO2 in the environment, unfavorable use silver plated contact of connector. In hot, damp areas, it is important to mold problem. < / p > < p > < / p >
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