Think Outside of The Box When Looking at Your

by:APTEK     2020-06-27
It is undoubtedly harder for businesses to secure extensive funding to support expansion. Many entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in particular are having to revisit their plans and perhaps look at ways that they can make better use of their existing units rather than move into bigger premises. Never be afraid to go well outside the usual lines of thinking. Consider establishing working partnerships with fulfilment service providers, for example, who may be in a position to manage all of your warehousing and distribution for you. This would free up your current store rooms or warehouse facilities in which you could, following modification by floor screeding to level the floor out then be used to create more office space or a secondary manufacturing unit. Depending on the size of your unit, floor screed can be laid, finished and polished to create new operating space very quickly by professionals. Cost wise, it is a safe bet that it is going to cost significantly less than moving your entire operation to another site and enable you to expand a lot faster. There are far less logistical issues to address if you are simply modifying your existing premises. At MS Screeders, we can bring this very viable solution to your accommodation and capacity problem to fruition for you very quickly. We have an experienced team of professionals and use only the very latest machinery and materials. With the machinery at our disposal, dust can be kept to a minimum during the floor screeding process so we can often work in restricted areas without disrupting other operations that may be taking place in the same location. Remember; don't discount the benefits your existing unit brings to the table when looking at expansion plans. Don't be afraid to explore possibilities such as outsourcing some of your activities to free up space in your present site.
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