Tie to The Yangshan District City Check The Progress

by:APTEK     2020-06-26
The afternoon of July 6, party secretary Wang Tie to Yangshan District, Xinyang Industrial City and check the progress of projects. Wang Yong, assistant to the mayor, Yangshan District, Xinyang Industrial City, Municipal Du Chashi and other related departments responsible comrades check. Tie first came to Hong Kong and Macao in the loop with the cable highway construction site, learn more about the construction progress of the situation and the difficulties and problems. Tie requirements, we must use now fine weather, multi-organizational power to carry out the construction, to further accelerate the progress of construction, high standards, quality and quantity time to complete the construction tasks. 'Industrial City development has been something on my heart, is my concern. Xinyang industrial projects is a small city of industrial to industrial city across the important support in the Industrial City project is equivalent to not see the industrial city. I anxious for the development of Xinyang, anxious for the industrial city development. onsite, on-site to solve the problem is to promote project development and accelerate industrial development. 'in the process of checking progress of the project, Tie expressed Xinyang Industrial Development anxious feelings. Xinyang Industrial City on the project, Tie stressed the need to thoroughly implement the central and provincial spirit of celebrating the 90th anniversary of founding of the General Assembly, in the city to carry out the 'Red July, dry facts' campaign, promoting hard work style, with an open mind for investment, with scientific methods to promote the work to accelerate the construction of a serious policy to strict reward and punishment programs to ensure the implementation of strict supervision. Xinyang Industrial City Park project has been the electronics industry focus Tie, after recent tense construction, electronics industrial park all work smoothly. Days Yang Opto Technology Co., Ltd. TFT-LCD module production line equipment has been assembled and will soon be put into trial production. Tie to the production plant, inspected the production facilities, cordial conversation with the responsible persons, to learn more about the situation and told the people in charge must accelerate the construction, increase productivity, enterprises bigger and stronger as early as possible. Tie requirements, enterprises should further intensify its efforts for an early production line put into production, the industrial city for business development of facilities to create a good environment to better serve the business development. Hualong Industrial Minerals Co., Ltd. is Xinyang City, last year introduced a high-tech enterprises, enterprises have been put into mass production, product demand, market prospects are very good. Tie to the production plant, detailed look at the production of the situation and ask the sales of enterprise products. He told the people in charge to further expand the production scale, expand product sales area, for two projects launched as soon as possible, further develop and expand business. In the afternoon, Tie also checked Xinyang Huayi Switch Co., Ltd., the progress of projects.
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