Tips to Use OBD 2 Scanner to Troubleshoot a VW Jetta

by:APTEK     2020-06-25
As we know Troubleshooting a lot of issues on modern VW Jettas are as simple as connecting your car to your computer using a special cable. The codes read from your car's internal computer can supply insight into most car issues. You'll Need Computer and VCDS cable for this job, If VCDS and computer not available, an OBD 2 scanner Setting Up and Scanning for Issues First, you should choose whether you would like to use a VCDS cable or a standard OBD 2 scanner. While OBD 2 scanners readily available from car parts stores will read OBD codes, the results will not be as detailed as using the VCDS system. Decide which VCDS cable you need. If it is between 1993 and 2005 (Mark IV version), you will need either a HEX-USB+CAN, HEX-COM+CAN, KII-USB or KEY-COM cable. After 2005 (Mark V version) only HEX-USB+CAN, HEX-COM+CAN, and Micro-CAN will work. Get a VCDS cable. These are sold through Ross Tech, a company that specializes in scanning software for Volkswagens. You will also need a computer: a laptop is perfect as it is portable. Find out your car's connector. For 2005 and newer cars, this is located on the left side of the driver's side footwell. In older models, it is generally located in the center console by the cigarette lighter. Typically it will be labeled. Turn on your car's ignition; but you do not need to power the car completely. Follow the instructions for your specific reader. They can defer from model to model. When the scan is finish, read the codes it returns to help in diagnosing the issue. If your check engine light is on, you can turn it off after the scan. It should be noted that if whatever issue is causing the light to illuminate is lit again, the light will likely come back on in a short period. Do some maintenance and repair need to remedy the problem, or if you do not have the necessary experience, ask for a licensed Volkswagen technician to do the task. After the work is finish, test to drive the car and rescan to make sure the issue has been fixed. For more information, you can search for online.
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