To introduce the characteristics and applications of the circular connector

by:APTEK     2020-04-04
< / p > < p > connectors' target='_blank'>circular connector is also called the industry, the basic structure with approximate circular cylindrical and the connector. < / p > < p > characteristics of circular connector < / p > < p > round connector plugs, sockets are mostly adopts threaded connection, the terminal can range from two to hundreds of, has the characteristics of small volume, high reliability, and can meet the needs of the cable connection between electronic devices. < / p > < p > round connector used < / p > < p > circular cylindrical structure of the connector has a natural consistence, have higher strength than any other shape Weight ratio. It is easy to use standard machine tool processing. Easy to seal, easy to insert and remove. Simple solid lock capacity have agency. Ten years of technology development to make it complete with reasonable process and high reliability. Therefore, requires the use of implement parts in contact with more connector and cable, cable and cable interconnection between occasions, circular connector is the first choice. < / p >
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