Top 10 Most Powerful Article Marketing Tips

by:APTEK     2020-06-24
If you're considering using article marketing as a tool to promote your online business and sell your goods and services, you came to the right place. Writing and marketing your own articles puts you in control of your destiny. It also builds respect and credibility and positions you as an expert in your field. But most of all, it will provide you with a constant stream of residual income for years to come -- all at little or no cost to you. Here are 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your article marketing efforts. 1. Create an attention-grabbing title. The title is the most important part of your article as far as getting your readers' attention. It's also important to optimize your title using your major keyword. This allows your article to get indexed quicker and helps the search engines send targeted traffic your way. 2. Use keywords that are in low supply and in high demand. Low supply means you don't have as many people competing for the same word. High demand indicates that a substantial number of people are clicking on your keyword, which means more clicks, and more sales, for you. 3. Make sure your major keyword appears in the first sentence of the body of your article, preferably within the first 100 characters. This is where the search engines look to determine how relevant your title is to your article. 4. Repeat your keyword at least once every 100 words in the body of your article. And bold your major keyword at least once in your article body. Again, this says relevance to the search engines and signals that your article is on target with your keyword. 5. Do your keyword research before writing your article.To create an article that will be effective for years instead of months, you want to make sure you select the right keyword for the article you're writing. That means a keyword that is search engine optimized to drive targeted traffic your way. 6. Make sure your article content stays focused on your major keyword. If your reader clicked on your article because of the keyword in the title, that's what he's interested in, and he expects the article to talk about the subject that got his attention in the first place. And again, the search engines will reward you with more targeted traffic if you are true to your title. 7. Make sure you're publishing unique content. That means the article is one you wrote or one you had some write for you. Consider a different approach to the same problem. A new perspective on an old situation. You can even buy Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and rewrite them with your own unique perspective. Make sure you rewrite all plr articles before you publish them. 8. Keep your article short if possible. People are generally lazy (like me) and most won't read a 3,000-word article. They will, however, read a 400-500-word article. If you can't say it in about 500 words or less, you probably need to pick another subject. It's not the volume, it's the quality that gets results. 9. Write an effective article resource box. This is especially important if you are submitting your articles to article directories for publication and distribution. Your article resource box is your call to action. It's your chance to say a few words about who you are, but most importantly, it's your opportunity to refer your reader to your website for more information or to purchase your product or service. 10. Make sure you submit your articles to the best article directories and sites. Sites that will give you the best results for the time and effort you put into your campaign. Keeping these 10 tips in mind will keep you on track for a more lucrative and profitable article marketing endeavor.
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