Transport Leak Detection System - Widely Popular

by:APTEK     2020-06-24
This is no surprise that remote control technology is getting more and more popular nowadays, especially since the new technology has made all the things possible. Now all most all the industrial vehicles are controlled by industrial remote control. This is true fact that wireless remote control system is the best and finest inventions the science history. Now programmable industrial radio remote controls have made remarkable strides in price as well as performance ratio over the last several years. We have also seen a change in the way we use our systems compared to a few years ago. As interactive menus have become so much popular for everything including cable the left, right, up and down buttons on a remote have become by far and away the ones most used to navigate our industrial systems. Now remote control technology has come about in recent years that make everything even better. Wireless transport leak detection system is perfectly planned for propane, anhydrous ammonia and butane transports. These systems detect a separated hose or failed connection and close the tank internal valve within 1 to 2 second. Now Leak detection system (LDS) incorporates a functional Test button as a way to determine the unit's readiness. These are easy to install and require no calibration or adjustment. The systems activate automatically by opening the internal valve or pipe guard. The options include multi pipe or multi trailer sensors, automatic truck engine or PTO shut down system. Now auxiliary control panels are available for LDS100 and LDS 200 systems to allow delivers side unloading control. These remote control technology systems are now widely popular in industrial area. They are easy to install as well as use. There are different models are of leak detection system. Now most of the industrial sectors are utilizing this system for more productivity and revenue. Model LDS 60: A fully automatic leak detection system for propane and anhydrous ammonia transports. The system has been designed and properly tested by design certified Engineers to meet all the requirements of the customers. The low powered control unit continually monitors piping and hose separation will cause the tank's internal valve to close instantly and sound an audible back up alarm. And a simple reset button returns the unit to the monitoring state. Now there are several types of system like low powered micro computer controlled leak detection system and shut down system. The installation program is installed with plug and play components. The power ground connection is up to 12 volts DC. At the same time, the system has partial and complete hose pipe separation power. The system has emergency stop method that closes any or all tank internal valves. In addition, the system has a self test calibration included. The weight of this system is only 10 ibs with the non-sparking and waterproof construction power.
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